Flavors linger on in memories, too

Vainer Fantini, Production Manager
For over 20 years, we have been devoting our days to selecting the best materials and manufacturing techniques, in order to achieve better efficiency and longer-lasting products.

IP S.p.A. was established as a specialist in the production of chilled cabinets for storing and serving wine. All through our history, our mission has been to design and produce the most suitable and stylish solutions to fulfil the needs of the catering industry and private customers.

High-tech components, elegant design and quality materials make the IP collection a fine expression of the reliability and exclusivity of Italian manufacturing.

Relying on extensive experience and highly-skilled staff, IP S.p.A. sells on the world’s markets a very wide range of products, not just for storing and serving wine but also for cigars (the Humidor range) and for the ageing and storage of hams and cheese (the Salumeria range).

The IPS project is driven by our passion and determination to develop cutting-edge solutions, with unequalled design, functionality and reliability. IPS division’s climatized cabinets, designed and assembled in Italy, are the apex of IP’s long tradition of experimenting with essentiality, lightness, purity of shapes and elegance in materials. Discover the series